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Yamaha Virago engine guards crash bars highway bars XV700 XV750 XV920 XV1000 XV1100

Here are some engine guards crash bars highway bars that will fit most 700-1100 Yamaha Virago's. [check pics and info below for fit before you order.]
They mount to the engine and motor mount, why year n size doesn't matter in most cases.


My bike was is in 20 pieces being worked on but I put the guard on real quick so you could see how they mount.
Bolts used in the pics are not the right ones, they were just handy.

[They are also in backwards. Bolts are not included]

They look to be powder coated in mirror black; few nicks n dings here n there but over all still in nice useable shape. I got a good hand full of these left all in about the same condition. Not sure if they are used or..... Most of the nicks or dings look from being moved around and stored lose.

  Had a few question on these: Nope I didn’t make these I do re-coat them as needed. 

I do make saddlebag guards and do powder coating. Got few boxes of stuff from a big auction. Pretty much the only part I could ID for a virago. Was a sell out from a knock off parts place I assume. Were all sorts of items like this. Quickly made n sprayed but the welds look good and they look nice a few inches away. They feel strong and safe. The shape is nice and very comfortable as is. Your heels almost naturally hook into the corners of the guards and you can kick back n relax. I do not know how crash worthy they are. Anything over 35 will bend your forks into a pretzel and they are much stronger so………... Though they would surly help ya in a tip over situation. The guards hit the ground first before your leg. If you have any doubts you should just save your pennies and get some $100+ original Yamaha parts.
  "From:starfire1399 http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=starfire1399 Posted:Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:48 am Subject: Yep, got em Fri. not too bad. I put some clamp on billet pegs on there and wow, really comfortable on long rides. Thanks man. I left you a good feedback on Ebay. "
  FYI: You will notice my creative packaging when you recieve the guards. If I shipped them in a box big enough, it would then be an over sized package and cost double+ to ship. So I wrap them in cardboard to keep it thin.

 Check your header clearance. Stock exhaust systems should clear just fine. Most aftermarket exhaust use the stock header pipe. But from the center of the bolt hole on the bottom to the guards is 5 inches. On top it is 4in, center of hole to edge of guard. These may not fit all years. Check pics and info below.


Make sure you have this hole or access to this hole. Some aftermarket accessories may cover or block this hole.