Due to the growing need to solve issues related to TCIs -especially the early Viragos (81-82)- I decided to tackle the issue and find a solution to it: rebuild them.  

There are other people out there that rebuild TCIs. I'm not the first one.  But - as far as I know- none of them rebuild the early ones (metallic case).  So here I am - to rebuild those rejected TCIs. 

After ripping apart my spare TCI box about a year ago, and then successfully fixing some others for fellow Virago owners, I'm comfortable enough with my skills to offer the service openly to anybody that needs it.

Our early Viragos have been running for almost 30 years with electronics that are rated up only 15 years of lifetime span.... That's twice as much in extra time!!  And certainly it's much more alarming when we consider their location: the TCI... the bike's "brain" 

If you look/ask around, you know that there are NO new replacements for the whole TCI -- and spares are hard to find too. Even if you are lucky enough, and you find a TCI, it's probably gonna be as old as the one you have on your bike already -- so back to the same deal: old electronics => TCI failure.... So until someone (if any) offers a NEW manufactured TCI for our old gals, rebuild them is the best/only option.

You know you need it.... trust me, you'll see the difference.


Send me an email to .
I will quickly reply with my address and more instructions.
You can always send me a PM, but email is preferred.

For Limited time US$75 (while current supply last)
It includes shipping it back to you.

What years/models you fix?

81 - 82 750 and 920
Other years are welcome but ask me first.
I believe the '83 didn't come with the metallic box, that's why I don't include it above. Please email first about that year.
If it looks like this one on the left, I fix it. Otherwise, just ask I can work on other models as well.

What you do with the TCI?

About what I'll do with your TCI:

- Test it on my test bike: before and after

- mainly change all the electrolytic caps., which are the ones that are more prone to fail and lose accuracy with age.
I replace them with tantalums caps, that have greater ratings in temperature, quality, and life span than the original electrolytic caps. (several times more expensive too)

- clean and partially remove "protective" goo (main cause of overheating breakage)

 - check for loose soldering in the rest of components

 - change the transistors, if the all above yields no avail.

What are the symptoms of a faulty TCI?

Known symptoms: (if you know more please tell me)

- Tach jumps
- It runs fine when cold, but when warmed it start failing: misfire a
cylinder and eventually lose a cylinder. (I've heard the opposite also: faulty when cold, fine when warmed)
- Spark plug fail all the time, you need to replace them constantly
- Abnormal spike of power around ~3500RPM
- Likely, bike doesn't idle as it should, and carb tunning doesn't
help much anymore

What would a TCI rebuild do in order of enhancing performance? Should I send my working TCI?

I wouldn't consider it a "performance upgrade" in the broad sense even though the new components I use have better ratings than OEM. It goes more aligned with "Restoration".

The point is: our bikes don't run like out-of-the-showroom anymore. So considering that there is some lost performance due to the aged/inaccurate electronics, a rebuild could restore some of that "lost" performance.

And: Yes, if your bike is an 81-82 (~27 yo) it will certainly benefit from some fresher, newer, and better electronic components. Remember, I will test it before and after. If you send me a working TCI, I won't send you back a broken TCI for sure Rolling Eyes

How much does this cost?

For early adopters now I will charge US$75 which includes shipping back to you. While supply last....
If I quoted you differently please disregard my previous quote.

Is this service US only or International too?

I'm willing to work with folks around the globe too!! It shouldn't be much of a difference in cost (about $5 extra to make for international shipping). And I have a paypal account for payment. Send me an email for more details:

How long does it take?

About 3-5 business days- since I received it - to ship it back to you via Priority Mail (within US). International will use regular shipping.

I spend approx. 6hrs to do each TCI (test - fix - and test again), but since this is not my main source of income I need to find some time to do it. However, I will do as quickly as I possibly can (likely faster than you expect)

How do we contact you with more questions? Where do we send the TCI?

Send me an email to .
I will quickly reply with my address and more instructions.
You can always send me a PM (pachakutek in ViragoTech), but email is preferred.

What are your references?

I'm a Software Engineer with familiarity in electronics. I've been part of this awesome ViragoTech community for a while now (2 yrs). And I'm also part of ebay with 100% 160+ positive feedback, so you know you can trust me your precious TCI.... (look for my feedback pachakutek in ebay)

Some real Praise: (send me yours too!)

"You are a genius! Thank you so much!! I got the TCI back today, got it installed, and it runs wonderfully!!!"

"I sent my TCI to pachakutek and he rebuilt for me in just a few days. I got it back and it runs better then when I bought the bike! Seriously, if anyone needs a TCI rebuilt for the 81-83, the metal box TCI, pm pachakutek because he is awesome! Very Happy "

Do you offer any warranty?

Some kind of warranty yes... I want keep it flexible though: (let's just be reasonable)

If I cannot fix your TCI you don't have to pay me. I will refund part of your payment, just keeping $25 (for shipping back charges + parts used cost) I'll refund you the rest.

Additionally if your TCI gives you troubles after I fixed it, just send it back and I'll take a second look at no charge (Just pay shipping, email me first please) (And in a reasonable time frame.... don't expect to return it 10 yrs from now when it give you troubles again ... )

I will likely accommodate any other reasonable request...

Note that these TCIs are almost 30yo, so it is possible that I cannot fix them all.

Please send me you comments, praises, questions etc.... I'll quote them here as you send them to me.


Contact Tona (aka: Pachakutek) for this service:

XVFinishes does not provide this service: it is performed by an approved 2nd party.

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