XV Finishes powder coating specialties.
Accessories / Mods

$20 each $35 in pairs [NIB with filter] [info]

$7.99 each Replacement FIlter [fits item above]

$15 Pilot Jet Mod [both]  [your jets] [info]

I could offer new jets modded but the only way to get them is to buy a rebuild kit.
Your best option is to buy 2 rebuild kits at $15-$20 each on ebay and then have me mod the pilot jets.

Parts for sale

Saddle bag guards stays for all bikes

Virago luggage rack

Virago crash guards

NEW: TCI Rebuild Service


Custom Parts

XV Finishes has a wide selection of custom parts and accessories planed for production.
All custom parts can be powder coated or painted a wide variety of colors to match your bike or style.
Anything thing your imagination or mine can come up with is only limited by your wallet.

Currently we are working on a custom sissy bar and saddlebag guards for the Virago.
The sissy bar / backrest will use a design similar too the XV image above
that will not only give the piece it strength but style.

Price & Shipping

 It will be up to you to package your items well and take in consideration
I will be reusing the same box and packaging to send the parts back.
I will charge actual shipping if you do not send it round trip.

Every price will vary and I hate to even try and set one.
I have a general price list for powder coating with the average price being charge on the internet.